We are currently accepting orders from certain countries and using USPS Priority Mail International which is approximately 6-10 business days.  The rates are auto-calculated.  We are happy to do shipping estimates prior to check out if a rate seems higher than usual.  All international packages will include tracking and insurance.  Any taxes, customs and/or duties are paid by the Buyer.  We are not responsible for paying those charges.  Any questions, please send an email to


Our default shipping method is USPS (United States Postal Service) with First Class service for US Orders. All items are insured and able to track. Priority Mail will only be used if the package weight is above one pound. We care about the environment, so the majority of our packaging materials are reused from incoming packages we get to our home. 

NOTE: It is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure the correct address is entered in at the time of checkout. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses.


Shipping time varies by item: please see individual product listings for specific shipping information. Processing/production time may vary from 3 days to 3 weeks as it's design/item dependent. If an item needs to be rushed, please send a message prior to purchasing so the best shipping method can be determined. Free Shipping is not available on expedited items, and buyer will need to pay the increased costs.


For International customers, the default shipping is USPS Priority Mail Service. For more information about Priority Mail Service, please click here.

Please note, once a package leaves the U.S., the remainder of your delivery window is at the mercy of the destination country. If there are delays, it is out of our control. We are happy to help with tracking an item if possible or opening a case with our U.S. carriers if need be. However, once the item arrives to the intended country, it is the customer's responsibility to follow up with the receiving carrier to obtain the item.

International customers are responsible for all customs and duty taxes required by your country.

Please note we are not responsible for items marked as Delivered, but later claimed by customer to not have received the item.  We ship all of our items with Tracking and Insurance.

Once the carrier picks up the item, it is their responsibility to fulfill the obligation in getting that item to the customer.  If an item is marked Delivered, but is nowhere to be found by the customer, we will assist in filing a claim.  It is highly recommended to take the following steps in this situation.

  • First, we suggest checking around your property for all possible locations the mail carrier could leave the item.
  • Second, we suggest asking your neighbors on either side or around your street if they have mistakenly received your package.
  • Third, we suggest contacting your local post office and asking for the GEO-COORDINATES of where the package was left.  You will need to provide your Tracking Number when speaking with the individual at the post office.

If you have exhausted all these possibilities, then we highly recommend you file a police report for the theft of the package.  This will assist in preparing your case for a claim.  However, if a package is marked as Delivered by the carrier, it will be more difficult to win a claim as they have noted they fulfilled their obligation.  We as the Seller have fulfilled our obligation in sending the item within our noted processing times as well as including Tracking and Insurance.

  • If you are concerned with package theft and/or have experienced package theft in your area, we highly recommend you purchase Signature Verification upon Delivery, have the package sent to a PO box or have the package sent to a different address such as family or a friend.