Commonly Asked Questions
What is the estimated turnaround/production time for my order?
It varies by item, but the majority of everything we make takes us about 5 to 7 business days. If we complete an item sooner, we always ship it immediately. The exceptions are any of the agate fringe dreamers which can take 2-3 weeks.
Do you offer any ready to ship items?
Occasionally we will make popular items ahead of time and offer as off-the-shelf items which can be shipped with a day or two. This varies during the year and how busy we get. Typically though around the holidays we will make garlands and desk clocks ahead of time for those quick purchases.
I need a silent clock, do you offer that?
Yes, all of our clocks are made with Seiko Quartz Movements which are silent and offer no ticking sound whatsoever.
I saw an agate that I loved on your site, but noticed it's gone now. Do you have another just like it?
Unfortunately no, all agates are unique and one of a kind, hence what makes them so special and valuable. We can try to find something in the same color family, but not another exact duplicate.
What is the standard shipping speed included with Free US Domestic shipping?
We ship via USPS for most of our smaller parcels using First Class. Priority Mail is available for an upgrade.
I'm interested in purchasing one of your agate desk clocks, am I able to select my slice?
Yes, once purchased and we review the color family selected, we will go through our slice inventory to pull several choices that we'll photograph and then email to you to select from.
I have another question not listed here, how can I reach you?
We can be reached at: jessica@modnorth.com and try to respond within an hour if not sooner.