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Esme Ombre Agate Garland - Mod North & Co.

Unleash the captivating beauty of our mixed media Uma Wall hangings.

Invoking a sense of minimalism this incredible piece is a true work of art. Handmade craftsmanship gives it a museum-like quality – so much so that you’ll want it front and center in any room. A blend of Brazilian agates in natural tones, brass wire, silk tassels and wood. Place yours in entryways, near bedside spaces, and along accent walls to create a signature nature-inspired look.


The beauty of our agate garland wall hangings is that they can be hung just about anywhere. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Want to add a touch of elegance to your living room? Hang one above your fireplace or drape it across a bookshelf. Looking to spruce up your bedroom? Hang it above your bed or use it as a unique headboard with a large grouping. Feeling adventurous? Hang it in your bath and turn your daily shower into a spa-like experience.