Where can I hang my new agate garland wall hanging?

So you've bought your first agate garland wall hanging, it's finally arrived and now what?  Where do you hang it?  It's a common question I get on social media so I thought why not write a little post about it.

Can I hang my garland outside suspended from a hook?

The long and short of it, no.  It's not a good idea to hang your agate garland outside.  Unless of course, you live in a warmer, mild climate that doesn't get a lot of wind or rain etc.  Think perfect weather like San Diego!  We used to live in San Diego a long time ago, but I still miss that near perfect weather, especially living in Wisconsin now.

If you really want to place it outside, I suggest doing so with a wait & watch kind of approach.  If your weather starts to get questionable, please bring the beauty inside.  Agates are harder than glass, but they are still susceptible to breakage if the wind is banging it around and it gets knocked off the hook by good 'ole mother nature.

The best place to hang your agate garland is on the wall.

Your new agate garland will do best by keeping it hung securely to your wall.  That was really the intent of the product when I first designed it in 2017.

They can look gorgeous in a grouping, set within a gallery wall, or even suspended from your window to let the beautiful sunshine show through it.  Most agates have a degree of translucency to them so when light hits them, they look stunning.  Here are just a few photos of where our garlands have ended up over the years.

Bedroom garlands over king bed
Umber Agate Garland Bundle of ​​13
Living room garlands
A trio of agate garlands near the ​​fireplace.
Console garland
Colorful beauties provide a statement ​​worthy pop over this console table.
Bedroom garland
Simple and chic next to around mirror.​​

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